testing the waters

Since we had an absurdly hot day in April, we headed for the beach! A friend of mine was going to Good Harbor beach in Gloucester, so when Lulu got up from her nap we packed up and headed out. I thought that today would be a good test to see if she actually liked the beach, since I am planning on spending many summer days there.

She loved it! She loved the wind coming off of the water, the sand (it was delicious) and I even dipped her little toes in the water. The water was still very cold and the first few little waves that came by she actually pulled her feet up so they wouldn’t get wet. But when she got used to it she was jumping up and down and squealing.

I see many, many beach days in our future!




2 Responses to “testing the waters”

  1. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    We should go to the cottage together!! I love that bathing suit. I love that she can almost whistle too!!<3<3

  2. Auntie CK Says:

    AWWWWWWWW these are awesome too! Her bathing suit is totally rad!

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