Since this blog is mainly dedicated to Lulu, a lot of you probably don’t realize that we have another “baby” in the house; of the furry variety. Spooky is my little black cat and was the focus of my affections long before Lulu came along. He has graciously (and probably gratefully) taken to the side of the stage for her to have the spotlight.

He  keeps a respectful distance from her, but has been known to do a drive-by sniff of her when she’s not looking. When she cries, he gets very concerned and meows at us to let us know that she’s crying just in case we can’t hear her. When she naps, he sometimes sleeps on the couch in her room. And when she plays with her toys on the floor, he plays with his as well.

"I is in yur lawndry rubbin' my butts on yur kleen shirts"

"I is in yur lawndry rubbin' my butts on yur kleen shirts"

Lulu is now at the age where she gets excited to see the cat. Every morning when she gets up, he follows us downstairs and she lets out a squealy “oooh!” when she sees him.


He is very patient with her when she wants to pet him. I try to teach her to gently pet him while all she’d like to do is stick her finger in his ear and grab two little handfuls of his fur. He purrs for a little while, his ears half askew (you can almost hear him sigh impatiently), and then looks at me looking like “can I go now?”


He’s pretty good about staying away from her toys that are scattered all over the floor. Sometimes when she’s in bed I see him cautiously approaching one, tentatively sniffing and bumping his nose against it. Then he goes on his merry way.

I put one of her stacking cups in front of him the other day and he sat up very uncomfortably. He batted at it for a second and looked at me curiously like I was setting him up for something bad. He bolted to avoid trouble.

Don't touch it! It's a trap!

Don't touch it! It's a trap!

Even though I lavish most of my attention on Lulu, he and I still hang out on occasion. Just like old times.

4 Responses to “Kitty!”

  1. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    Spooky is better with Lulu than he is with me!! I am glad they get along. Wait until she can chase him..

  2. Jessie Says:

    He’s such a handsome little beast! I’m so glad they get along, too. I can’t wait til she meets our puppy pants. 😀


  3. Tim's Mom Says:

    First, I must comment on the “Little Charmer”. My God, can this little girl get any more precious and charming???? She is truly a camera ham, and the perfect little baby girl. One can’t help but adore her. What adorable facial expressions! Second, on a response to “kitty,” great photos as I know how difficult it is to photograph a black animal. I also see a wonderful opportunity for a children’s book here! Your writing of the whole Lulu and Spook experience was almost like reading a children’s book! Just a thought but, I see a very strong theme there. Hmmmmm. and…..we know someone in the publishing/art industry too! Hmmmmm and aren’t there artists in the family as well? Give that little LULU and Spook too, a kiss for me!

  4. Auntie CK Says:

    Great pics of Spook! I can’t get over how GOOD he is around Lulu. I love seeing them together.

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