The lack of posts means we’ve been out and about lately going visiting, hanging out locally and most recently we’ve been going to the beach!

The first 10-15 minutes after getting there is always a bit frazzling for me. The combo of laying out a blanket, slathering her with sunblock from head to toe (and then myself) and the constant tug of war with her to keep a hat on her head can be a bit frustrating.

Lulu *LOVES* the water! She jumps up and down in the waves and yells “wow whoa wow whoa“! It fun to watch her get a little more daring as she inches deeper into the water (deeper being hip high on her and ankle deep on me!) and lets the waves splash her belly. I’ve also brought her a little deeper in while I hold her and dunk her legs into a wave as it breaks. Obviously the deeper the water, the colder it is, so we don’t stay deep very long.

She is very much an observer and really loves people watching (much like her parents). She especially loves other kids and gets excited when she sees them running and playing in the sand. Deep down I know she just wants to jump up and join them, but she just isn’t there yet. Soon!

We typically stay for 3-4 hours and toward the end of our day when she’s getting tired, she’s content to sit with me while I coax her to munch on snacks and hydrate herself, while we listen to the surf and watch people stroll by.

sitting pretty

sitting pretty

her shirt says "call a vet, cuz these puppies are sick!" (courtesy of Auntie Mel)

her shirt says "call a vet, because these puppies are sick!" (courtesy of Auntie Mel)

nice smile with those crazy chicklets

nice smile with those crazy chicklets

staying warm with Mum

staying warm with Mum

3 Responses to “summertime!”

  1. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    Too good!! I love her teeth!! Can’t wait to get to the beach with you guys!!

  2. Auntie CK Says:

    She’s such a good (and cool) kid!! And that t-shirt is perfect for her, haha! You could put sunscreen on her before you go to the beach, that way you have one less thing to do when you get there plus you’re supposed to wait 30 mins before you go outside anyways…?

  3. Jessie Says:

    Oh, oh, oh! What a sweetie! Yay! I want to go to the beach, too!


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