1 Year Old!

Lulu’s birthday was just over a week ago. At first we were thinking of spending a quiet day together, just the three of us. But as the day got closer, everyone in the family expressed excitement about seeing her that day so we ended up having a party at our house. Even though we kept it just to family, our family alone is quite a lot of people.

She had a great time seeing everyone and I think her favorite part was when everyone sang “happy birthday” to her!

She was not about keeping her birthday hat on and luckily we got plenty of pics with her while it was still on her head. Everyone, as always, was very generous with all of the wonderful gifts! Thanks to everyone for coming up and spending the day with us.

See all of the photos here!

3 Responses to “1 Year Old!”

  1. TIna RIce Says:

    She is just so damn adorable. Glad she had a great 1st b-day! Hopefully we will get up there soon to see u all….My mom would have loved her to pieces (and I know she watches over her from above!) Love u all!

  2. Auntie CK Says:

    All the pics are really great! Were you there when mom and dad were trying to take a photo with her, but she was getting cranky so Mary and I started singing “Happy Birthday” and she perked right up!

  3. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    I think she is going to get over all the pictures people take of her very fast. Lets hope she doesn’t pull an “Auntie Sara”.

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