Days go by and still I think of you

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting much cooler and my belly is growing to massive proportions waiting the arrival of 2.0…

Summer may be gone, but we have some great pictures to show for it. Since getting a single photo of Lulu with both of her parents is as rare as a Sasquatch footprint, here’s what I’ve managed to scare up!


in the park


the photo Forrest has been dying for: his lil girl with him on his motorcycle


I know...she's my Mini-Me!


I like the candidness of this pic. It's so cute.

all three of us!

all three of us!


On the ferry from Boston to Salem

2 Responses to “Days go by and still I think of you”

  1. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    She has such mature features and you can really see them in these photos. She really is your mini-me!!

  2. Auntie CK Says:

    These are all so great! I also love that candid pic of her and Forrest. Thank you for posting these!!

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