Halloween 2009: Bee Girl

We made through yet another Halloween in Salem!
This year we laid low since it fell on a Saturday and I’m far too preggo (37 weeks now) to push my way through crowds. The weather was incredible (70 degrees), which was a relief (for me) since I had gotten Lulu a fairly light “bee fairy” costume to wear. I didn’t want to get her a costume that was too cumbersome since she’s newly walking. It worked out great!

In the morning we dressed her up and brought her to our usual breakfast spot. To my surprise, she kept her antennae headband on for quite a long time before tearing it off of her head. Afterwards she ran around outside picking up “tree trash” while her father took many pictures.

We were joined later in the morning by Chrissy & Tim, who were up to enjoy the craziness that is Halloween in Salem. While they were out doing their thing, we took our little bumblebee out for a stroll around the block before it got too nuts. Per usual, she took everything in stride, never got overwhelmed by the amount of people around her and was admired by many.

As it got dark outside, the crush of humanity (expected crowd numbers were 100k and I think it ended up somewhere around 80k) descended upon us and we stuck close to home. Since we were turning the clocks back that night as well, we kept Lulu up an hour past bedtime (which is why she looks so sleepy in the last photo).

While I wished that we all could have been out and about like last year, at least I know there’s always next year!


5 Responses to “Halloween 2009: Bee Girl”

  1. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    These are all so great!! I bet she had a blast!! Next year, an attempt at Trick or Treating??

  2. admin Says:

    Yeah maybe next year. I’m not sure if she’ll still be too young though!

  3. Tim's Mom Says:

    Great montage of photos! Definitely the sweetest bumble bee ever! Must be from all that honey!

  4. Marcia Says:

    What a darling bumble bee-she keeps getting cuter & cuter. Just an ouright adorable costume! Can hardly belive how grown up she looks-what a difference standing up makes!

  5. Auntie CK Says:

    Halloween was so fun! That first pics kills me, she looks so psyched!!

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