18 and 8

Lulu : 18 months

At a year and a half, Lulu is showing signs of the typical toddler. One minute she is beaming with a smile from ear to ear, the next she is screaming/whining over the smallest things. While her vocabulary is ever growing and her comprehension of what we’re saying to her is amazing, she gets frustrated very easily when she can’t communicate what she wants to us.

apples to apples

She’s still a picky eater but we’ve noticed that she does at least have a willingness to at least try what we’re eating. She won’t eat pizza, but likes spicy pepperoni. She won’t eat a banana but likes banana bread. Picky eater or not, she is definitely growing and getting very heavy.

Still a great sleeper, loving Sesame Street (Elmo especially) & Blues Clues, taunts Spooky daily yelling “ME-OW!” as she chases him, loves watching videos on YouTube on the big computer with Mom, despite the cold weather enjoys being outdoors, loves Peek-a-Boo & Patty Cake and still enjoys her little sister. Occasionally a total menace, particularly when it comes to getting ready for bed (she’d rather run around nekkid then to put on a diaper and pajamas!).

Rose: 8 weeks old

Rosie is changing all the time these days! She is the chubby baby that Lulu never was, with meaty little legs and full, pinch-able cheeks! She’s a hefty little package to hold and will definitely wear your arm out if you hold her for a while. Her eyelashes are nice & long and she has a pale, pinkish complexion with dark hair.


Lots of big smiles for mom & dad, coos and gurgles and even some occasional squeals. At night she’s still fluctuating between 3-6 hours of sleep at a time.

devilish gleam in her eye

We have been making the best of being stuck in the house for the winter, but we did manage to get some fresh air last week when it warmed up a little. Rose is slightly more demanding then Lulu ever was, but those big eyes and sweet smiles make up for it!

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  1. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    Really a whole apple now?! Chubby cutie Rosie!!

  2. Tim's Mom Says:

    You are such an awesome MOM!!!! These girls are so lucky!!!

  3. Auntie CK Says:

    Heehee Lulabean on her chair! So cute! And Rosie is so rosy, I love her!

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