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I’m just wild about Rosie

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Rose is a a great stage right now that she’s just about three months old. She is finally sleeping through the night a solid 7-8 hours. Her smiles are frequent and beginning to get drooly-dribbly (and I think I even got her to laugh yesterday)! Lately she’s been trying to sit up on her own, which results in her tipping over to one side. And she is doing pretty good holding up that giant head of hers, although it’s still pretty wobbly. Oh, and she belches like a frat boy after a game of Beer Pong (she must get this from her father).

These days I can put her down for a nap while she’s awake and she’ll chat to herself until she falls asleep. And when she wakes up it isn’t the needy, ear piercing wail of a newborn. Most of the time she wakes up cooing softly to herself. Or sucking madly on her fist (smack, slurp, smack!).

I love when I go to fetch her from a nap. Her reaction is hilarious. She looks at me like I’m a long lost friend that she hasn’t seen in ages and you can see the recognition register on her face. Then she gets super excited. Her eyes light up, her little arms flail and the legs start kicking wildly.

Oh...hello Mumma.

How have you been?


I feel really lucky to get to look at this sweet little face every day! Being greeted by that huge, toothless smile makes me giggle. And then you know I have to scoop her up and NOM NOM NOM those fat cheekies and blow raspberries in her neck!

Wings of a Butterfly

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Maybe I’m a silly, but I really wanted to get Lulu a pair of wings. I have visions of her running around in the summertime wearing a cute dress, her little motorcycle boots and her wings, with a melting Popsicle melting down her arm and a fruit punch smile…

I know that right now she’s probably a little too young still to realize HOW COOL it is to have wings (and I don’t care), but hopefully one day when she’s older she’ll give me mad props for being a cool mom. Either that or she’ll purse her lips with disdain and tell me how weird I am…

Two little girls

Friday, February 12th, 2010


Lulu is almost 19 months old and getting too smart for my own good! She’s a little sponge and learns something new every day, whether it’s a new word or behavior. Lately a fun trick for her is to snatch up something she’s not supposed to have and then play “keep away from mumma.” She thinks it’s hilarious. Me, not so much.

But she is so fun and funny that it’s hard to be upset with her. As you can see from these pictures, she’s quite a little character.

crazy jelly face

taking a rest

jammie jams


Spooky is so patient

Front seat in the double caboose


She’s almost three months old and a very different baby these days. She’s slowed down on the frequency of eating. Instead of demanding a bottle every three hours, we’re giving her a larger bottle every 4-4 1/2 hours. She’s sleeping a lot more now, too. It would appear that she is recovering from her massive growth spurt! Her legs are so adorably chunky that I just want to chew on them and I frequently nibble on her chubby cheeks.

Rose is a very chatty baby. She loves to look right into your eyes and have very long, deep conversations often punctuated by outbursts of squeals. Thankfully I have deciphered her behavior when she’s unhappy and now find her somewhat predictable, which makes things easier on me. She only cries when she’s hungry, needs to be burped & when she’s sleepy. All other times she’s either smiling or sleeping.

out for a chilly walk

she looks confused

tummy time


a rare moment of peace, not being stepped on by Lulu

cutie pie

Rose: 2 month check-up

Monday, February 1st, 2010

weight: 14 lbs.
height: 24 3/4 inches

Rose had a great doctor’s appointment today. She is growing like a weed! The pediatrician was impressed with her weight gain and growth in general. Little girl is quite healthy! I know I always say that I don’t want to compare her to Lulu all of the time, but she has 4 lbs. and 2″ over her sister at the same age! Looks like Lulu might end up being the “small one!”

We went over her general progressions that come with this age: smiling, “talking”, pushing her head up, trying to stand up and following objects with her eyes. Yesterday while she was lying on the floor she actually rolled onto her side. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And…the past few nights she’s been sleeping pretty much through the night, 5-7 hours! Finally!

Rose at her 2 month check-up, before the needles showed up!

Unfortunately, today she got the first of her vaccines. She was so happy and chatty while we were waiting for the nurse to come in. Once she got that needle in her leg…oh my! Rosie was not so happy or chatty. She cried so loudly and had these big fat crocodile tears rolling down her face. Poor baby! She cried for a few minutes and then sort of made these complainy whimpers.

I think my little Rose is going to be a bit of a drama queen!