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ring around the Rosie…

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Little Miss Rose turned 5 months old! She’s changing so much.

One of my fav recent pics. Taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone app

Her personality is really starting to shape up and shine. She’s a smiley, squealy and giggly little thing and she’s super-fiesty! A weekend with her maternal grandparents earned her the nicked name “Little Spitfire.” It suits her and it’s a much nicer than the nicknames we have for her: Meatloaf and Little Roast Beef. Seriously, she’s a 5 month-old the size of a 9-month baby…but she’s sooooo snuggly!


Her first teeth popped through on Easter weekend. They’ve sprouted out pretty quickly and are so cute, except when she bites my finger. She also rolled over for the first time this past weekend. Of course, she did it while we were away and she was with her grandparents…but she’s a total expert now.

beauty shot

When she’s on her tummy those little legs kick like crazy. She’ll be crawling much earlier than her sister did. We can see it starting already as she pulls her knees up and she even got her little butt up in the air by pulling up both knees. We’re in trouble once she’s moving.

And talk about temperamental! She can be giggly one minute and then it’s like someone flipped a switch and she’s yelling and screaming. When she gets mad her little ham fists flail around and she either punches me in the face or yanks a fistful of my hair and it hurts! She’s lucky that she’s adorable.


I noticed lately that there’s a lot of mum mum mum mum’s and bruh bruh bruh bruh’s coming out in her sweet little voice. She’s so fun. Even Lulu has been trying to play with her more. She frequently gets right in Rosie’s face and says “Hiiiiii!” and likes to lie down right beside her, giggling as Rose grabs at her (in which I have to intervene so that Rose doesn’t claw Lulu’s eyes out). I can already see a glimpse of my future when Rose gets jealous if I give Lulu more attention...such a drama queen!

How lucky am I? I mean, look at these two...I count my lucky stars every single day.

Every day I try to spend a few moments and appreciate the heavy, snuggly bundle that she is. I can’t help but to bury my face in those pudgy cheeks of hers! I know that she’s going to grow so fast. Before I know it she’ll be talking, dancing and running after Spooky just like Lulu does today.

Indian summer

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when we had that one fluke of a hot day in April. I took the girls down to the park. We spread a blanket out on the grass, had a little lunch and soaked up the warm air and sunshine.

20 and 4

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

The girls had a check up at the doctor’s yesterday. Everyone was taking bets as to how big my sweet Rosie got! I would have lost had I placed some cash down…

Lulu 20 months

weight: 24.6 lbs
height: 35 inches

Lucille has grown another 2 inches and gained 3 lbs since her last check-up. She’s in the 97th percentile for height but only 33 percentile for weight. The doctor was pleased with her weight gain, despite the fact that she’s a beanpole. Lulu is still a finicky eater. She won’t touch meat and although she will try a bite of something new, she will almost immediately spit it out.

It feels like every day she picks up another word to say, which means her parents better keep their potty mouths in check around her. She has also become more comfortable in the pool for her swim lessons, which means less whining and more fun swimmy time.

Easter 2010

the first of many cookies that day

Rose 4 months, 3 weeks

weight: 18.8 lbs
height: 28 inches

Rose had an incredible growth spurt since her 2 month check-up! She falls in the 99th percentile for height and weight and weighs five pounds less than her big sister. The doctor stated the obvious in that Rose will probably grow to be larger than Lulu.

She cut her first teeth over the weekend. The past month she’s had her fist firmly planted in her piehole and she bit Forrest’s finger Easter morning and he said he felt them. Sure enough, there they were.

She’s also very close to rolling over. She gets about halfway over but can’t quite seal the deal without a little help. Oh, and there’s giggling! Lots of sweet little giggles (and sometimes squeals) when she finds something funny!

Rose's 1st Easter

don't you want to pinch her cheeks?

I’ve been getting the girls to interact more and more since Rose is getting bigger. I will have Lulu lie down next to Rose so they face each other. Rose will squeal and reach for Lulu. Lulu will touch Rosie’s hair and ears, honk her little nose and then try to poke her in the eye (it’s a work in progress). Sometimes I will have Rose lay on top of Lulu, which makes the older one giggle as she hugs her “baby.”

It’s all just too cute.


Thursday, April 1st, 2010

So sweet, my teeth ache!