Lulu is 2!

Last week was Miss Lulu’s 2nd birthday. It’s amazing to see her grow and develop. She truly is becoming a sweet little girl. We had a family party for her the day before her birthday and she had a lot of fun. The kiddie pools were out for her and her cousins, my mom put out a great spread of food (and plenty of Yo Gabba Gabba decorations) and my dad was rockin’ the grill. She had so much fun that she fell asleep right before we were going to have cake, which brought the party to a screeching halt for about 45 minutes. She got so many great presents and she loved them all!


The day of her actual birthday was relaxed and low-key. We spent a lot of time outside and that night rather than getting another cake we gave her a big bowl of ice cream and a cookie. It all started off harmless enough, but ended up with a trip directly to the tub!

so far, so good...



and now...cookie.


She also had her two-year check-up at the doctor’s yesterday.
weight: 26 lbs
height: 36.75

trying to "feed" Elmo

She falls into the 97th percentile for height and 30th percentile for weight. Since her last visit, she great 1 3/4 inches and gained only a pound. The doctor wasn’t concerned about her weight since she’s always been thin. Food is still a big issue with Lulu but hopefully she’ll grow out of it someday soon. Until then, we’ll continue to stack her meals with as many calories as we can!

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  1. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    Such an awesome day and an awesome Birthday Girl!!

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