the muse is an artist

Miss Lucille Frazier loves to draw. And she’s getting really, really good at it. Almost every day she and I will sit down together with crayons and a large sheet of paper. I may start off doodling my own things: hearts, butterflies, fuzzy little creatures or flowers, but soon she begins to dictate things that she’d like to see: snowmen, the sun, clouds, “more hearts” etc.

She knows all of the crayon colors, although I always find it interesting that she picks the same 2-3 crayons to hold in her little hands. For whatever reason she gravitates to the green and sky blue.

The magnetic doodle pad has been a life saver in recent weeks. She can still get the instant gratification of drawing pictures without the commitment of crayon and paper. And she can do it by herself without relying on one of us.

A few weeks ago we noticed that she was actually starting to make shapes while drawing, putting little arms and legs on the circles we would draw for her resulting in a little person. And then faces. Even hats and feet! From then on her drawings became even more detailed. Instead of just dots for eyes she was actually drawing little circle eyes with dots for eyeballs in them!

I took this video of her yesterday with my phone (I was holding Rose at the time, so it’s a little shaky and the noises you hear off screen are her). The video may take a while to load up, it’s rather large (I’m testing out getting videos from the phone online!). But I love how focused she is on what she’s doing. And the resulting image, of course!

4 Responses to “the muse is an artist”

  1. Auntie CK Says:

    AWESOME!!! I’m really impressed with how in to drawing she is, and she’s drawing so well! I love how at the end she makes this amazing thing, but then she just casually erases it like “I’m over it, on to the next thing”!

  2. Tim's mom Says:

    Another budding artist in the family! I love the detail with the eyes! I can’t help but feel that the string attached to the pen is restricting but I know it’s necessary so it won’t get lost. She’s amazing for sure!

  3. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    She drew an amazing little person today at my house on the magnet doodle!! She draws so well!! The one she drew today reminded me of the drawings Amelia did for the preschool graduation pamphlet!!

  4. Kristyn Says:

    wow. GO LULU!! the funny thing is that she physically draws like you do (not artistically!!… yet). She has the same motions and pauses between strokes that you do when drawing for her. It is pretty cool to see.

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