Rose’s 1 year check-up

weight: 24 lbs.
height: 32″

Rose had her one year checkup last Monday. Since her last appointment she has grown 1.25″ and gained 1.25 lbs! That puts her in the 95th percentile for height and 85th percentile for weight. Compared to Lulu at this age, Rose is 1.25″ taller and 5.25 lbs heavier.

1 yr. old!

As soon as she had her birthday we ditched the bottles and formula. After the fiasco of trying to switch Lulu over to whole milk (she had to drink soy milk for a while and then we built up a tolerance to regular milk), I started mixing whole milk in with her formula a month before her birthday. By the time she was 12 months she was pretty much entirely drinking real milk and at the same time I started cutting out the bottles. When I cut out the last bottle of the day she seemed to miss that a bit.


And for the past 2 months or so she has been getting her molars in, meaning lots of middle of the night visits. She almost always goes back to bed 5-10 minutes after I get her, but still, I’ll look forward to sleeping full nights again. At least Lulu sleeps right through it.

hi mumma

Rosie eats pretty much anything that I put in front of her. It’s a nice change to have a kid that actually eats without a battle. She is still cruising and standing up while holding on to things but she hasn’t tried to do much walking on her own. She gets a bit lazy when I hold her hands and get her to walk around. She’ll take a few steps and then plop down so she can crawl to her destination.

birthday girl

And she is saying a few words, “mama”, “dada”, “hi” (with accompanying wave) and she says something that sounds like “hi kitty.” She and Lulu are occasionally playing together, but it’s more like Rosie grabs something that her sister wants (a lot of times just to be playful) and then a lot of whining occurs. She does think that Lulu is a riot sometimes and Lulu is a really nice older sister (for now).

This past year flew by in a wink. I love to watch Rose grow and learn and become a little more independent, but I sometimes miss that sweet lil lump that she used to be!

lil cutie

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  1. Auntie CK Says:

    I love that Rosie gets such a kick out of Lulu! She’s such a sweetie pie! And getting so big and strong, she’ll be running around before you know it!!

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