another night on the couch

So after a one week reprieve both of the girls are sick again. Rosie barely got a break in between colds. She felt better for a day or two and then developed a really harsh, juicy cough along with a runny nose. She’s been weathering this cold a little better than the last one. I can’t say the same for Lucille.

Friday morning around 3:30am she woke herself (and me) up with a coughing fit that made her cry. I brought her downstairs and after a few hours of Blues Clues she finally fell asleep, as did I. She seemed ok all day on Friday, other than the horrible coughing. Rose was the same: coughing and runny nose (complete with nose bubbles) but in good spirits.

Friday night was a horrible night of sleeping for me. Both girls were producing a symphony of coughing all night long. I got up for a few hours and hung out alone in the middle of the night, going back to bed around 6:30 in the morning.

We went about our usual Saturday business. Coffee shop for breakfast. Lulu went swimming. Rosie went in to her crib for a nap that didn’t happen while I got ready for an overdue visit to my parent’s house. As the day went on both girls got progressively cranky. Rose barely napped and Lulu was tired from a busy day. Both girls slept on the car ride home but when we got in all hell broke loose. Lots of crying. Overtired and feeling really icky. Early bedtime.

Date night with Forrest canceled. Instead of a nice dinner out we ended up with chinese take-out and the Lemmy documentary. I just knew that I would never enjoy my dinner knowing they were here sick, even though they slept just fine.

Until about 1:30 am.

Lulu. Coughing fit and crying. Bit of a fever. More Blues Clues. She made me jump through a few hoops (change diaper, juice, blankie, no blankie. Hungry. Cheerios. Make toast. Nooooo. Blankie. Juice. Baby Vicks. Blues Clues. Up. Down. Pillow. No pillow. Sit with mumma.)

She finally settled in for a while and fell peacefully asleep on me. Until I tried to whisk her off to bed. I shut the light off and I hear “Turn on the liiiiiight…” Doesn’t want to go to bed. She’s now snoring on the couch. And I’m in my usual spot on the other couch. At 3:30 am with my laptop and the kitty over my shoulder.

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    GO away winter!!

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