Are her shoulders down?

As one can plainly see in this video, it’s obvious who the more aggressive sibling is. While it’s all cute and good-natured right now, this is good foreshadowing of the future in our household. This does not bode well for Lucille. I don’t want to say that she’s a push over, but she lets a lot of stuff roll off her back. Rosie will surely use this to her advantage at some point.

But it’s still cute to see them rolling around on the floor. Perhaps there is some MMA or wrestling in her future?

(Video may take a moment to load because I am too lazy to compress it further. If you cannot view it you will need the QuickTime video player)

2 Responses to “Are her shoulders down?”

  1. Tina Rice Says:

    OMG they are too funny! they are growing up so much!!! love u guys!!

  2. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    Rosie doesn’t even take her fingers out of her mouth once!! Ha.

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