Rosie: 15 month check-up

weight: 24 lbs.
height: 34″

Miss Rose went in for a check up today and she cried pretty much the entire time she was there! She was ok until the nurse put her on the scale and the minute I let go of her she started screaming. I couldn’t believe it. She quieted down after the nurse left, but as soon as her doctor came in, hysterical crying.

Since her last appointment, Rose’s weight stayed the same but she grew 2 inches. That means she’s above 95th percentile for height and she’s in the 50-75th for weight. I knew she had slimmed out quite a bit and I told the doctor that she was eating just fine. Some days she doesn’t eat a whole lot when her teeth are bothering her.

She was pretty pudgy at her last appointment, so I wasn’t concerned about her not gaining weight. But, we have a weight check in a month to make sure that it’s her body getting into proper proportions and not something else. I know deep down she’s perfectly healthy, but the dumb doctor put a little bit of doubt in my head. I hate that.

She is still refusing to walk, she pulls her knees right up when we try to walk with her. But we’ve been persistent with our attempts and she is co-operating more than she had. I always see her standing on her own when she isn’t thinking about it and she does try to take a step on her own from time to time. We predict she’ll be walking very, very soon.

Oh and she added a new word to her vocabulary today: cheese!


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  1. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    Skinny Minny Rosie!! My cutie pie!!

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