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St. Patrick’s Day last week was pretty fun. The girls had their last music class in the morning (we even dragged Forrest along. He might still be mad at me for that) and then we hit our local Irish pub for some lunch. The girls were a bit antsy but they were still long enough for us to have a pint and some boiled dinner.

Forrest spent a good chunk of the day there while Rose was napping. He came back later to get Lulu because he thought she would enjoy some of the music, plus a bunch of our friends were eager to see her. Five minutes after getting there, she fell asleep on his shoulder!

A hint of spring happened last week as well. I took the opportunity to take the girls to the park. Lulu did some running around in the grass and on a whim we went to the playground. She had a blast going on the slides all by herself. I was so proud of her, as silly as that may be. She was very cautious going up the steps, she seemed a little nervous. But after a few times she totally had it under her belt. Rose was content to sit in her seat watching the kids run around her. I doubt that will last very long, though.

Last year Lulu was just slightly too young to go it alone without us worrying about her falling off or getting pushed down by an older kid. Plus I couldn’t run after her while holding Rose. Some of the older kids still snuck by her at times, but she held her own just fine. After she went down the slides about 50 times the swings opened up so that I could put both girls in at the same time. Rosie loved the swings!

Having such a great time really makes me look forward to the warmer weather. C’mon Spring!

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  1. Auntie CK Says:

    Amazing photos!! I miss my little niecey-poos so much!!!

  2. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    Rosie is so funny in the swing!! Lulu did a good job with the slide the other day in the commons. I was surprised she wasn’t scared at all!!

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