Dress up day

Yesterday the girls had themselves a little dress up day in their fairy best. Rosie was sort of a pirate fairy. She had on her beautiful pink tutu but put on her pirate hat and kept yelling “YARGH!” Lulu looked like some sort of nymph wearing one of her really short skirts on her head. And of course there was a little dance party!

Video may take a moment to load. It kills me when I thank Lulu in the video and she says “oh, don’t mention it!”

3 Responses to “Dress up day”

  1. Auntie Sara Jane Says:

    This must have been right after circle cheese and right after I left!! Love Lulu’s “Oh..don’t mention it!!” and Rosie’s clapping!! I may have to come over for a dance party tomorrow!!

  2. Liz Says:

    This video was 3x longer, but I had to cut it down. They’re really funny!

  3. Marcia Spraker-Cavallo Says:

    Love all of these pics & in particular the blossoming ballerinas’ video. They are sooo cute!!

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