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Art show!

Friday, April 5th, 2013

We went to an art show last week at the girls’ school. It was a fundraiser for the YMCA and you could “buy” your child’s art work for a small donation. Each class did some individual art work, decided on by the teachers). Rose’s class made stamps out of sea shells and Lulu’s class did pendulum painting.  There was a reception with snacks and music provided by two Berkley students.

While it was a little crazy and super crowded, the girls really liked that they had their own art up on the walls!

A peek at things to come

Friday, March 9th, 2012

The nice weather this week gave us the opportunity to get outside. I love when I see noticeable changes in the girls. I realize that they’re getting older and things will change, but I love when it’s obvious.

Last summer we played a lot in the grassy area next to the PEM. It’s smaller than the Salem Common (and I don’t have to chase them to the playground), it’s closer to our house (key while Lulu was beginning to potty train) and its quieter (less dogs/Tweens).

Anyway, while out the other day I was struck with the realization that the girls were playing *with* each other, not just in the same space. They were chasing each other, showing each other leaves they found and playing peekaboo around a tree.

It was awesome.






Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all warm & fuzzy all of the time. They’re siblings, they fight. Rose is an instigator. Lulu will be playing quietly, minding her own business, when Rose will sneak up on her and snatch whatever she’s playing with just so she can run away.

Or Lulu will use her size to her advantage and muscle something out of Rose’s grip. They each want whatever toy the other one is currently playing with, only to drop it in boredom not even 2 minutes later.

But they typically are very sweet and polite to each other. Rosie always wants to hug Lu. Lulu is always very generous to her little sister, offering her one of something if she has two. Hearing that exchange always cracks up up:

Oh, here you go, Rose.
Thank you Lulu.
You are most welcome.

You just can’t script that kind of stuff.




Sleeping babe

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Hipstamatic photos of Rosebud sleeping.




Bye bye nap time!

Monday, February 20th, 2012

A day I was both looking forward to AND dreading has finally come: Rose has given up her nap.


the good old days...

I know they don’t last forever and I should consider myself lucky that they lasted this long (since her sister ditched her nap the day she turned two). But the long nap in the middle of the day sort of restricted us from doing certain activities, which made me look forward to not being a slave to them.

That being said, Lulu will likely miss her alone time with me. And I will miss the short break in the middle of the day having to juggle both girls.


no more nap, but some quiet time watching Yo Gabba Gabba

A day at the museum

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

This morning we headed over to the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) for story time. We used to go quite a bit last summer and for some reason it slipped my mind that it existed until recently. I remember the experience being a little harrowing last summer trying to wrangle both girls, but today we had a great time.

Suzy Magoozy read a story (complete with puppets) to a room packed with kids, and then the kids did a little dance to some music. Rosie was extremely engaged, she followed all of the dance moves perfectly (dance school is definitely in this kid’s future). Lulu had fun and interacted, although she was still shy and a little clingy.

They typically have a little arts and craft activity afterward the story (today was coloring hearts for Valentine’s Day). We had a quick snack and then we went back into the kid’s exhibit so the girls could run around and play with all the stuff.

(Oh and Rose actually let me put her hair up in a ponytail today. How cute is she?)

Heart-shaped glasses

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Even though she’s sick, she still manages to be happy & goofy. These were once sunglasses. And yes, she is wearing bat hat on her head!



One lil sicko, two lil sickos

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

This past week has been a very long one. Lulu had the beginnings of a cold on Tuesday when I picked her up from school. By Thursday she was full on sick-pale, runny nose and watery eyes. I kept her home from school yesterday (a difficult decision for me to make. I really hate keeping her out of school). Lots of snot. Cough developing.

No matter how hard I try to keep Rose away from the sickness it finds her. Today she got bamboozled.

Both girls went swimming this morning anyway. But tonight they’re both wiped out & just…sick. My lap has been a rotating snuggle fest between the two of them. Maybe I need a bigger lap.



This one goes to eleven…

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

It’s true. Some days she pins the needle on the cuteness scale.

Rosie with her now ever-present blanket


And some days she blows out my ear drums.

The scream heard around the world


Friday, January 27th, 2012

Another ham in the family.

Drawing Daddy

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Two different interpretations of the same subject: Daddy

Rosie's drawing


one of Lulu's many pictures of Dad