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The Lollipop Guild

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

It’s a rare treat around here for the girls to actually have lollipops. Not for any other reason except that I never think to buy any. But last week we had a couple kicking around and I wanted to see how Rosie would do with one. Lulu typically never finishes her lollipop and I find it stuck to a pillow but she didn’t waste hers this time around.

Rosie did about as I expected. She was a sticky mess with fuzz and cat fur all over her hands, the stick, some of the candy and her face. But she was having a blast. I didn’t care as long as she didn’t jam the thing down her throat or in her eye. She didn’t do either but she was such a mess that I had to sneak it away from her after a certain point because the stick was all bent and destroyed. This kid’s not known for her gentle touch.

Land of never-ending Snot.

Friday, February 25th, 2011

The Sickness appears to be tapering off finally. Lulu was really bamboozled by it this time. She has been recuperating all week long, very tired. Yesterday she asked for her pajamas at 3:30 in the afternoon. And then there’s all the snot. She’s been blowing huge amounts of it out of her face. If there was a good use for baby snot, I could supply it in droves…

not happy.

Rosie’s nose is just as snotty, but she’s taking everything in stride. I noticed that she’s got two more teeth coming in (her fangs!) so that could be the culprit. She’s been sleeping her little head off all week long. Except last night. Last night was a battle. Could be her teeth bothering her. I noticed she was digging at her ear (hope it’s not an ear infection). Around one in the morning when the Tylenol finally kicked in, I was falling asleep and she was having a grand time chatting with herself.

In between all the snot and sickness, we’ve been doing our usual things. Lots of coloring, playing with stickers, dolls, building castles and dressing up. I got Lulu some new butterfly wings, a purple tutu, crown and wand. She loves them! She walks around saying she’s a “pretty fairy” and has a “magic star”. She is turning into such a little girl.

I attempted to sit with Rosie so she could color with crayons, too. She scribbled a few times, tried to eat one and then just started to throw them around. I have a feeling she’s not going to be the type to sit quietly and learn things like her sister. She’s an action packed kind of girl, happiest when being hung upside down by her ankles.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been taking the girls to music classes since the beginning of the year. I signed us up after Christmas because I figured they like music and it would get us out of the house at least one day a week in the middle of the winter.

Well, the first couple of weeks were a complete nightmare. Luckily the toy store the classes are held at are literally steps from our front door so schlepping them both there wasn’t too difficult. But Lulu was less than thrilled with being there. The first couple of weeks she just clung to me with a big sourpuss on her face and would use any excuse to go home (hungry, tired, poopie-pants…). And she would try to escape the class any chance that she got.

But last week (5th week in) there was a definitely change in her attitude. Every now and then she’d have a scowl on her face, but this time she was actually smiling, talking in class and dancing around without clinging to my leg. And yesterday in class she was singing along with the songs. Rose always had a great time in class. She’s not afraid to venture around the room, go up close to the teacher, grab instruments, bounce with the music and clap in the appropriate places.

I think it was a good experiment signing them up for the class, but I honestly don’t think I’d do it again. It’s pretty expensive and for what we actually do, not worth it. It’s getting us through this horrendous winter, but next year Lulu will be in preschool and the days that she isn’t, both girls will be older and we can actually find things to do outside of the house.

I’m beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel now that February is almost over. Until spring gets here, Lulu will continue to care for her quadruplets, hug the kitty, scream in his face and then yell “come back here, kitty!” when he runs away. I will continue to try to get Rosie walking (she still refuses sometimes, but is getting more receptive to the idea) and try to keep her hands out of the cat’s water dish…C’mon Spring!

The Peek-a-Boo Queen

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to all the changes that Rosie has been going through lately. She is starting to look different, slimming out and getting taller. Her face has changed with the addition of all the teeth in her mouth. Her hair is getting a little longer. And she has those big, beautiful brown eyes and long lashes. She gets prettier by the day.

She isn’t quite walking yet but we’ve been trying to encourage some walking drills with her daily. She’s just so damned fast crawling that she prefers that mode of travel. Occasionally we’ll catch her standing up without holding on to anything and even take a step on her own.

Her personality is starting to come out. She’s kind of a silly, little goof ball, but she has a fiery temper (wonder where she gets that from…?). She is a far more adventurous eater than her sister is. Funny enough, Rose typically doesn’t like any of the food that her sister is willing to eat, but she will test and eat any food that we are eating. During the football game the other night she shared in some chicken wings and drummies with us!

What I find really hilarious about Rose is that she really likes to mimic people. She always has. When we’d make a noise she would make the same noise back. Lately we go through vicious circles of saying “Hi!” The longer the cycle, the funnier she thinks it is.



Other words she’s saying lately: no, no, no…, hi, mumma, da-da, nose, eyes, uh-oh.

And lastly, big game lately is peek-a-boo. She plays it All. The. Time. In her crib she’ll put her blanket over her head and plays peek-a-boo.

where's Rosie?

there she is!

She’ll randomly put her hands over her eyes and plays peek-a-boo. Sometimes she even pulls her shirt over her head and plays peek-a-boo. And she’s so very proud of herself every time. Nothing makes her happier than playing peek-a-boo!

Life with a 2 year old

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Lulu is smack dab in the middle of being a two year old. There are good days and there are bad days. She is definitely trying to assert her independence much more lately. She likes to feed herself. She gave up the highchair for Rose months ago and sits on the counter stool like a big person. She likes to take her own pajamas off when it’s time to get dressed.

While we’re definitely thinking of potty-training, she just isn’t there yet. She knows what the potty is and sits on it from time to time. Recently she has started to tell us when she has “poopie-pants” and when she wants her diaper changed. We are encouraged by this. But we’re not going to push our luck just yet.

Going for walks she doesn’t like to be contained in the stroller and wants to roam free-range. Unfortunately, I have to revoke those rights on many occasions because she doesn’t listen to me and runs for the hills like an escaped prisoner. Since it’s been really cold lately she hasn’t been so eager to get of her warm seat and when she does she doesn’t complain when it’s time to go into the warm house.

She has also reached full-on mimicking, parrot stage and it’s hilarious to hear the things that come out of her mouth. Her father and I have kept the swearing in check, as she was beginning to drop F-bombs and scream “ASS!” at the top of her lungs when we least expected it. Otherwise, it’s very funny to hear our expressions come out of her mouth in her sweet little voice. This morning she was watching Sesame Street and I heard her say “Hi Oscar, how are you doing?”

And the other night Forrest came home from work and she said, “Hi Da-da. I’m so glad to see you.” Of course it broke his heart a little because he had to run out of the door for a night-time meeting.

Since the winter months are upon us, she’s been waking up at weird times and very early in the morning I can hear her chatting it up in bed. Typically I can hear her singing “That’s Elmo’s Worrrrld!” loudly and off-key. Or she says “Sparkle-NOSE!” and goes through the Yo Gabba Gabba role-call: Foofa, Muno, Brobee, Toodie, Plex, then laughs like a lunatic in the dark.

In the morning when they both wake up she actually waits for me to bring Rosie downstairs and then she comes down on her own to make a grand entrance (even yells “ta da!” when she enters the room). We’ve been encouraging her to play on her own more and she has been which is encouraging. Sometimes I jump up in a panic because she’s too quiet, only to find her playing with her baby doll or lining up her Little People to take a swan dive off the edge of the toy box.

Given the time of year she is starting to learn all things associated with Christmas: Santa Claus, christmas trees, wreaths, snowmen, etc. I did not subject either child to going to the mall to get their picture taken with Santa, as this would definitely lead to a photo with them both screaming in terror. And possibly scar them for life.

The other day she experienced the joy of her first candy-cane. I’m not so sure she liked the taste of it as much as the act of fish-hooking herself with it and just getting all-round sticky. Of course, getting all sticky is a good excuse to wash her hands in the sink, a new favorite activity. Honestly, I don’t think she cares if her hands are clean. It’s just an excuse to get some part of her body into water. This kid loves water. If she hears the word “bath” she instantly tries to take her clothes off and head for the upstairs bathroom.

It is more than true that you can’t reason with a two year old. And she leaves a path of destruction wherever she goes. She bores easily. And sometimes I want to wring her little neck. But this is also a really fun time! It’s so cool to witness her learning and becoming so smart and creative. To see her personality forming. To watch her be a goofball, to dance to all kinds of music, to watch hug her sister or to simply sit with us to read books.

It’s those little moments that I want to pick her up and squeeze her until her eyes pop out of her head.

The ingénue

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

I’ve been meaning to write an update for Lulu for quite a while now. But honestly I’ve found the task a little overwhelming because she’s changed so much in the last few months that I don’t know where to begin.

one of the last summer images

She is become a lot more articulate as she gets older. Over the summer she was learning to pronounce some words while others were a work in progress. Before she would say “bee-ya-mo” for banana and now she says “bee-yanna” which is a lot closer. We’re still working on her communication, she’ll still whine if she wants something, but for the most part I can understand her fairly well.

just hanging out at the side of the pool

Every Saturday morning her father still takes her to swim lessons. She has grown to really love it and looks forward to going every week. And she’s becoming quite a little mermaid. There are a few small obstacles that she needs to clear before she goes on to a higher level (which is where the 3-4 year olds are), like jumping off the side into the pool (she’s just recently learned how to jump on her own, so she’s probably not ready to take that first leap into the pool yet). Sometimes she doesn’t listen to the instructor and has her own agenda, like to flirt with the boy lifeguards.

I mentioned before that she’s quite the budding artist. She draws some really phenomenal pictures, so I decided to be brave and try some finger paints. Not surprisingly, she had a whole lot of fun getting her hands covered in paint. The only problem is that she used ALL of the paint on one piece of paper!

The change of the season has been an adjustment for her. She is still in warm weather mode and she doesn’t always want to keep her sweaters and socks on. But she has been having fun with all of the leaves that are on the ground.

Oh and how could I forget to mention that last weekend Lulu went into her very own bed! I’ve been dreading the day that we would try this because I’ve heard so many horror stories of kids who are like boomerangs when you try to keep them in a bed. I went and got her a toddler bed, despite everyone telling me not to. I like it because it’s the same size as her crib and still has the rails on the side. And Rose can use it in the future, too.

I got her new bedding, which she loved. On the weekends we bring the girls into our bedroom sometimes to hang out in the “big bed”-so she already understood the concept. When bedtime rolled around she was so tired she went right to sleep. Second night, no problems. Now almost a week later she is very excited when it’s time to go to “Lulu-bed.”

October in Salem has been pretty interesting for her. We watched the kickoff parade in town and she seemed to like seeing everyone dressed up in costumes. One of her favorite things to do is walk around town out of the stroller and she has some favorite store windows that we have to stop at every time. There’s a carnival in town so we took her there over the weekend and she went on a few of the rides. I think the merry-go-round was her favorite ride, she went on that twice. Typical girl. And she loves all the “punkins.”

the muse is an artist

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Miss Lucille Frazier loves to draw. And she’s getting really, really good at it. Almost every day she and I will sit down together with crayons and a large sheet of paper. I may start off doodling my own things: hearts, butterflies, fuzzy little creatures or flowers, but soon she begins to dictate things that she’d like to see: snowmen, the sun, clouds, “more hearts” etc.

She knows all of the crayon colors, although I always find it interesting that she picks the same 2-3 crayons to hold in her little hands. For whatever reason she gravitates to the green and sky blue.

The magnetic doodle pad has been a life saver in recent weeks. She can still get the instant gratification of drawing pictures without the commitment of crayon and paper. And she can do it by herself without relying on one of us.

A few weeks ago we noticed that she was actually starting to make shapes while drawing, putting little arms and legs on the circles we would draw for her resulting in a little person. And then faces. Even hats and feet! From then on her drawings became even more detailed. Instead of just dots for eyes she was actually drawing little circle eyes with dots for eyeballs in them!

I took this video of her yesterday with my phone (I was holding Rose at the time, so it’s a little shaky and the noises you hear off screen are her). The video may take a while to load up, it’s rather large (I’m testing out getting videos from the phone online!). But I love how focused she is on what she’s doing. And the resulting image, of course!

8 months

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Rosie is now eight months old. She and her sister have been sleeping in the same room for about a month now with mixed results. For the most part they’re co-existing peacefully. And although Rose has been getting up 2-3 times in the middle of the night (teething) her sister typically sleeps right through it. Naps are dicey from time to time, but I let them duke it out and most of the time they end up falling to sleep eventually.

cute and bratty

All of those sleep-interrupted nights has resulted in 2 more teeth: another bottom tooth and one of her top teeth just cut through! Poor baby…

I can say that Miss Rose makes the most adorable noises that a baby can make. Seriously, we should record her and sell CDs to sound effects companies. Such sweet noises. And then the next minute she whines or cries and it’s the most irritating noise you’ve ever heard. It can turn you into a homicidal maniac and before you know it you’re reaching for your hockey mask and clever.

crazy hair

Recently she has started to give big, juicy open mouth kisses and holds her arms up now when she wants to be picked up. Two of my favorite developments! She’s also begun to notice the cat and she tracks him like a sniper in the desert. She squeals with delight, with a big fat smile on her face. I would hedge my bet that she will be more gleefully torturous towards Spooky than her sister was.

Speaking of torturing, she’s doing really well getting up on her hands and knees and I fear that she will begin crawling any day now. And I can already see that she will get into everything she’s not supposed to!

Happy 4th!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

from the gazebo at Salem Common

23 months

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

The Brooding Toddler phase has begun. There’s lots of frustration and pouting happening because she can’t communicate as well as she’d like to even though we’ve been encouraging her to talk rather than whine. We know she can pretty much say any word she wants to, like when she says her sister is “loud” or the other night when she ran around squealing “ASS!” at the top of her lungs and giggling like a maniac.

french fries are her favorite food group

She’s being very independent these days, doesn’t want a lot of help from us. Like the other day when I was upstairs with her and Rose and she went down the stairs all by herself. When I recovered from my instant heart-attack I realized that she made it down with no problems. I was grateful that we taught her the “sit & slide” method of getting down.

lost in Gabba Gabba Land

She loves to color with her crayons, assigning me different things to draw for her: clouds, “flowies”, “meow”, moon and sun. And recently she discovered the joys of sidewalk chalk. We busted out some PlayDoh the other day, but she  doesn’t quite get it yet. The containers are more interesting than the dough itself.

umm...I got nuthin.

Swimming lessons are going great. Her father says she’s becoming quite the mermaid (he claims she’s the next Dara Torres!) and loves being in the water. I am looking forward to taking her to the beach this year.

We’re preparing for some big changes as well. Lulu is finally going to get a roommate. We’re going to put both girls in the same room in the next month or so. That should be interesting. Both sleep pretty well, but lately they’ve both been waking up in the middle of the night and chatting, singing, etc. I guess they’ll be able to keep each other company!

And since she turns two next month (!!!) we’re beginning to think about making the move from the crib to a toddler bed, but we’ll let her get used to her new roommate first. I’d like to start potty training by the fall, but we’ll see how she’s doing at that point. I’m not going to rush her into that too soon.

Wow, my baby is turning into a little girl!!!

Lulu 20 months

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Lulu is in full-on toddler mode these days. Interpret that however you’d like.

Every day she wakes up with a huge smile on her face. Her hair is getting longer so she always has crazy bed head!

She has been going through an all-about-Mommy-phase for the last month or so. She gets totally whiny if I leave the room and even if I’m just heading to the bathroom, I hear the patter of her little feet running after me. She’s only content with her father unless he’s flipping her around and hanging her upside down by one leg! She equates play time with him. When he comes home from work she waits with anticipation for him to come downstairs and then when he does…she runs and hides.

Easter fez

We signed her up for swim lessons about a month ago. She’s a little older than the other babies in the class, but we didn’t want her to skip the first step. The first few weeks the results were mixed but by the third week she’s starting to get how to kick her legs and blow bubbles in the water. She also just recently graduated to taking baths in the bathtub instead of the kitchen sink, so that may have contributed to success in the water.

"talking" on the iPhone

Sesame Street is big these days (especially Elmo, of course), but Yo Gabba Gabba is bigger. I love seeing the perma-grin on her face as she watches. And I’ll clarify that she only watches one episode of Sesame Street and one of YGG per day. I haven’t gotten desperate enough yet to play them all on repeat for an entire day, although I haven been tempted…

xmas in March

As far as talking goes, Lulu is still being pretty stingy. She understands a ton of things and is really smart. She’s just a quiet little thing. It’s not that she isn’t capable. Just the other night after we went out for St. Patty’s Day dinner, she dazzled Forrest and me when she said “french fry” clear as a bell. I think she just prefers being quiet, unless it’s that time of night that she’s possessed by the after dinner rush and she’s running around, half-naked with a stream of “Lulu-ese” coming out of her mouth!

bat hat's been making the rounds

She likes to draw, but prefers us to draw for her and gets frustrated if we don’t. She’s also learning how to go down the stairs using the sit-n-slide method, loves swinging on the swings and dances up a storm when her favorite songs are on.

raiding the utensil drawer

Her clothes are starting to get pretty short for her lately. I’m hoping to eek another month or two out of them so that we can raid the summer wardrobe with the warmer weather. She and Rose go in for a check-up next month. I can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown!